API for the EEROS Real-Time Robotics Framework
eeros::safety::SafetyLevel Class Reference

#include <SafetyLevel.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 SafetyLevel (std::string description)
virtual ~SafetyLevel ()
std::string getDescription ()
uint32_t getLevelId ()
uint32_t getNofActivations ()
SafetyLevelgetDestLevelForEvent (SafetyEvent event, bool privateEventOk=false)
void addEvent (SafetyEvent event, SafetyLevel &nextLevel, EventType type=kPrivateEvent)
void setInputAction (InputAction *action)
void setInputActions (std::vector< InputAction * > actionList)
void setOutputAction (OutputAction *action)
void setOutputActions (std::vector< OutputAction * > actionList)
void setLevelAction (std::function< void(SafetyContext *context)> action)
bool operator< (const SafetyLevel &level)
bool operator<= (const SafetyLevel &level)
bool operator> (const SafetyLevel &level)
bool operator>= (const SafetyLevel &level)
bool operator== (const SafetyLevel &level)
bool operator!= (const SafetyLevel &level)


class SafetySystem
class SafetyProperties

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::SafetyLevel ( std::string  description)
eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::~SafetyLevel ( )

Member Function Documentation

void eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::addEvent ( SafetyEvent  event,
SafetyLevel nextLevel,
EventType  type = kPrivateEvent 
std::string eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::getDescription ( )
SafetyLevel * eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::getDestLevelForEvent ( SafetyEvent  event,
bool  privateEventOk = false 
uint32_t eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::getLevelId ( )
uint32_t eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::getNofActivations ( )
bool eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::operator!= ( const SafetyLevel level)
bool eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::operator< ( const SafetyLevel level)
bool eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::operator<= ( const SafetyLevel level)
bool eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::operator== ( const SafetyLevel level)
bool eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::operator> ( const SafetyLevel level)
bool eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::operator>= ( const SafetyLevel level)
void eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::setInputAction ( InputAction action)
void eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::setInputActions ( std::vector< InputAction * >  actionList)
void eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::setLevelAction ( std::function< void(SafetyContext *context)>  action)
void eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::setOutputAction ( OutputAction action)
void eeros::safety::SafetyLevel::setOutputActions ( std::vector< OutputAction * >  actionList)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SafetyProperties
friend class SafetySystem

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