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MyControlSystem Class Reference

#include <MyControlSystem.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 MyControlSystem (double ts)
void start ()
void stop ()

Public Attributes

eeros::control::Constant setpoint
eeros::control::Constant setpointV
eeros::control::PeripheralInput enc
eeros::control::D diff1
eeros::control::Sum< 2 > sum1
eeros::control::Gain posController
eeros::control::D diff2
eeros::control::Sum< 3 > sum2
eeros::control::Gain speedController
eeros::control::Gain inertia
eeros::control::Gain invMotConst
eeros::control::PeripheralOutput dac

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MyControlSystem::MyControlSystem ( double  ts)

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Member Function Documentation

void MyControlSystem::start ( )

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void MyControlSystem::stop ( )

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Member Data Documentation

eeros::control::PeripheralOutput MyControlSystem::dac
eeros::control::D MyControlSystem::diff1
eeros::control::D MyControlSystem::diff2
eeros::control::PeripheralInput MyControlSystem::enc
eeros::control::Gain MyControlSystem::inertia
eeros::control::Gain MyControlSystem::invMotConst
eeros::control::Gain MyControlSystem::posController
eeros::control::Constant MyControlSystem::setpoint
eeros::control::Constant MyControlSystem::setpointV
eeros::control::Gain MyControlSystem::speedController
eeros::control::Sum<2> MyControlSystem::sum1
eeros::control::Sum<3> MyControlSystem::sum2

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