API for the EEROS Real-Time Robotics Framework
eeros::sequencer::Sequence Class Referenceabstract

#include <Sequence.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 Sequence (std::string name, Sequencer &seq)
 Sequence (std::string name, Sequencer &seq, BaseSequence *caller, bool blocking)
virtual ~Sequence ()
virtual int operator() ()
virtual int action ()=0
int start ()
void wait ()
void waitAndTerminate ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from eeros::sequencer::BaseSequence
 BaseSequence (Sequencer &seq, BaseSequence *caller, bool blocking)
virtual ~BaseSequence ()
virtual bool checkPreCondition ()
virtual bool checkExitCondition ()
void setName (std::string name)
std::string getName () const
void setId (int id)
int getId () const
BaseSequencegetCallerSequence ()
std::vector< BaseSequence * > getCallerStack () const
SequenceState getRunningState () const
void setPollingTime (int timeInMilliseconds)
void addMonitor (Monitor *monitor)
std::vector< Monitor * > getMonitors () const
void setTimeoutTime (double timeoutInSec)
void resetTimeout ()
void setTimeoutBehavior (SequenceProp behavior)
void setTimeoutExceptionSequence (BaseSequence &sequence)
void resetAbort ()


class Sequencer

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from eeros::sequencer::BaseSequence
std::vector< Monitor * > monitors
- Protected Attributes inherited from eeros::sequencer::BaseSequence
std::string name
bool blocking
bool exceptionIsActive = false
bool inExcProcessing = false
SequenceState state
Logger log

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Sequence::Sequence ( std::string  name,
Sequencer seq 
Sequence::Sequence ( std::string  name,
Sequencer seq,
BaseSequence caller,
bool  blocking 
Sequence::~Sequence ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual int eeros::sequencer::Sequence::action ( )
pure virtual

Reimplemented from eeros::sequencer::BaseSequence.

virtual int eeros::sequencer::Sequence::operator() ( )
int Sequence::start ( )
void Sequence::wait ( )

Waits for this sequence to finish its current run. The sequence could be restarted later on.

void Sequence::waitAndTerminate ( )

Waits for this sequence to finish its current run. As soon as this happens, its associated thread will be terminated and ceases to exist.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Sequencer

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